i'm such a lazy, i got science project that due tommorow but i haven't done anything except the cover page!! lol..i'm gonna hand it in on friday!! ohhh..man i got swimming lesson on friday, i hev to go to kewdale!! nd im alergic to it!! TT hate it!! they said the changing rooms don't have doors!! ohh sick!! how am i going to change people?? i got sose hw to do...nd i forgot all about it!! look what am i doing right now?? sitting in front of computer as if i finish all my homeworks!!

since the weather getting cooler we have to do stupid fitness thingy!! it was funny though, i got to laugh at teachers! i laughed my head off...so laud...but who cares though, they really were funny!! i'm so evil aren't i?? NOT..lol

aniwei, i better go before it get late..

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