we did a model of an island, nd we called the island of dreams...hwhhwhahhwha XD. aniwei, i did it with yr8 n yr9 so it's kinda fun! we made a hotel which is really close to the bridge and a beach which is really close to the forest! nd an airport that placed behind the hotel!! the best part of the island is the beach...then we hev to invite yr 7 boy cuz none of us know hoe to make an aeroplane... booooo... today was so much fun...my hand was so dirty cuz of paint, glue n all those dry things!! we hev to picked all tose dry picks on the ground and dry leaves for the model..it was alright though..

aniwei..new layyie..MATTAFIX!! arent they just so great?? lol

*i dunno your face was different .lol. may be that wasn't you!!*


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