yep. i changed the layout again! i don't like the previous layout, the colour is too dark!! and i used to much brushes! well, i might see a doctor cuz of my ear! well, i got to miss the school!! yay!

i think i need to download my msn again! oh no.. i don't know somehow i couldnt find it anymore. i pressed the wrong thing!! i hate downloading stuff...cuz it takes so long!! yea, i knoe it cuz of stupid dial up!! huehue, when am i gonna get bb??

oh well, al least i got to use internet!!

hmm, i havent start my assignments yet and both of them are due in thursday!!

yippiee!! i just found a PERFECT site that answers my assignment question!! yihhaa..!! Does anybody have some related site about pesticides??

i hate essays!! i don't know what to write and my english is so bad!! i got report to do!! i don't like english!!

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