Hello people. I was going to update on 8th, but Dad's laptop went dead and so did all computer devices in my house, I haven't use internet for a while. I'm borrowing my cousin's laptop since he went god-knows-where. Anyway, I was tagged by Ayie to list down 10 things that make me happy, though I've posted one before, here I am listing it down again.

1. Having my own time. I love to stay in my room reading and listening to music or just doodling. I like being on my own, no interaction with the outside world. And ideas just flawing when I'm alone.
2. The first 5 minuets in the bathroom before having a bath. Lol. I love to stay in front of the mirror and talking to my self. I feel so happy. I can be whatever I want in front of the mirror. I can be an Oscar winner or a professor.
3. Hanging out with friends. Laughing your head off with them, talking non sense, do fun stuff, sharing stories. What else?
4. Internet. Find stuff, download as much files as you can, stalk people, it's like you go around the world without moving.
5. Jokes. But you have to know the right time to crack one.
6. Going to new places.
7. Remembering happy moments. Duh? obviously. It helps when you are in a very bad mood.
8. To be remembered. Remembered by anyone. It feels great :)
9. Being with my family when we are all in the good mood. Hahaha.
10. Meeting old friends!

That's all! And I pass this to: Nida, Dian, Sasha, Sara, and Tania.

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